2 Overlooked Signs You Need A Residential Roofing Inspection

Many of the homes, and particularly the older homes in the Peachtree City, GA area, have asphalt shingles. These are a practical, effective, and resistant type of shingling option that can stand up to the hot Georgia sun, the heavy rains and storms, and even the wind.

However, asphalt shingles, like most residential roofing options, do not last forever. Recognizing early signs of potential shingle problems before they result in leaks can save on the cost of replacement or provide the home or business owner with time to consider their options and plan for the repair or replacement.

Granule Loss

Asphalt shingles are coated with small granules that not only protect the shingles but add color and texture to the shingles. Most of these granules are made from minerals or ground rocks that are coated with a ceramic silicate material mixture for color and durability.

When these granules start to wash off the singles, the underlying asphalt is exposed to the UV rays of the sun and breaks down, resulting in shingle failure. If these granules are found at the base of downspouts or on your grass or gardens under the eaves, it is time to call in a residential roofing company.

Curling, Lifting or Cupping Shingles

Looking at the roof from the ground should provide a flat, even surface. If you notice shingles that buckle, lift, curl or cup, you should plan for an immediate residential roofing inspection.

This type of change in the shape of the shingles can result in shingle loss in a windstorm, which increases the risk of leaks and water damage. A professional residential roofing service in Peachtree City, GA, can either repair the damaged shingles or recommend a full roof replacement.

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