3 Practical Reasons Why Your Leaky Roof Needs Professional Attention Now

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Roofing Contractors


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Your residential roof is intended to protect the rest of the home. When a leak develops, it’s no longer able to offer the same level of protection. The best move is to call a roofing professional and find out what needs to be done. Here are three basic reasons why you don’t want to delay making that call for long.

Things in the Attic Are Getting Ruined

What do you have stored in the attic? Many people use the space for odd pieces of furniture, boxes of documents, and old clothes. All of those belongings need to remain dry. If not, they will quickly become nothing more than garbage. If what you have in the attic is important to you, arranging for a roof leak repair in Dearborn, MI, sooner rather than later is the only option.

Damage to the Ceiling Will Occur

At some point, the leaking will seep through the attic insulation and soak the ceiling. That’s not only unsightly. The damage also weakens the ceiling and increases the odds of needing to replace it before it caves in. You can avoid that trouble and expense by arranging for a roof leak repair in Dearborn, MI, now.

The Potential for Mold

As the leaking continues, mold is bound to develop. Don’t think that it will be limited to the attic. Over time, the mold will spread to the walls, over the ceiling, and possibly to other parts of the house. At that point, you are facing significant risks to your health as well as structural damage. The only practical solution is to call a professional and find out what type of roof leak repair in Dearborn, MI, will allow you to avoid all these issues.

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