3 Reasons to Install Stone Kitchen Countertops in Minneapolis Homes

by | May 19, 2015 | Home Improvement


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Upgrading your original kitchen countertops is a quick way to increase your home’s value while increasing efficiency. Although there are dozens of materials that can be used for this project, professionally installed stone kitchen countertops in Minneapolis offer 3 unique benefits. Experts such as Granite Unlimited Inc. offer a range of stones that add elegance and value, are remarkably durable, and are exceptionally easy to customize.

1) Stylish Stone Counters Increase Home Values

When you replace old counters with granite, marble, quartz, or soapstone, you instantly increase your home’s value. That is because the elegant materials are very beautiful and add style to any room. In fact, stone kitchen countertops in Minneapolis are often on home buyers’ “must have” lists when they are house shopping. That is often because each piece of stone looks like a work of art and has its own pattern. Stone also instantly adds a designer look to any room.

2) Stone’s Durability Makes it a Bargain

Stone is exceptionally durable and may outlast the house it is installed in. Despite the fact that it generally costs more than many other counter materials, stone more than pays for itself over the years. Counters retain their original good looks for decades with minimal maintenance and occasional resealing. Most stones resist damage and tolerate extreme temperatures very well. In addition, your beautiful countertops are a permanent selling point that could allow you to increase your asking price, even if you put your home on the market many years in the future.

3) It Is Easy to Customize Stone Countertops

No matter what decorating theme you have in mind, stone craftsmen can find a product and technique that lets you create the look you want. You can choose from hundreds of colors and patterns. Professionals will cut slabs to fit your room and expert installers precisely fit the pieces to your spaces. They offer a variety of edges that allow you add designer finishes.

Although marble, granite, soapstone, and quartz can cost more than other materials, they are often customers’ first choice for replacement countertop materials. That is stone adds instant elegance to rooms and increases home values. In addition, stone counters remain beautiful for many years with minimal upkeep and are easily customized to fit any decor.

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