4 Signs That A Homeowner Should Hire A Professional In Roof Repair In Silver Spring

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Roofing


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A leak in a homeowner’s roof can cause a variety of problems. The homeowner’s personal belongings inside the house can sustain water damage if the roof leaks. Leaks in the roof can also cause structural damage in the home as well as the growth of mold. The best way for a person to protect their home and its contents are to be able to recognize the signs that they should contact a professional in Roof Repair in Silver Spring.

Missing Shingles

It is very easy for a homeowner to tell if there are shingles missing from the roof because they will find them on the ground around the home. Since shingles are the home’s first defense against water leaking in, the homeowner should hire a professional to repair the roof as soon as they find a fallen shingle.

Decaying Shingles

It can be difficult for a homeowner to tell if their shingles are decaying. This is because the shingles won’t always fall off the roof when they are decayed. In some cases, they will lift up and water can collect underneath. When this happens, it can promote the growth of mold. In some cases, the homeowner will be able to see that the shingles are raised, letting them know that they are decaying.

Debris in the Gutters and Downspouts

Asphalt shingles have a rock-like coating on them called granules. These granules are there so that the shingles don’t crack under the extreme heat of the sun. If the homeowner notices that there is black debris in their gutter or in the downspouts, they should contact a professional roofer. Chances are that the granules have worn off and the shingles are susceptible to cracking. This can create an entry point for water to come into the home.

Damaged Flashing

The joints on a roof are often connected by a thin sheet of metal known as flashing. If the flashing becomes damaged over time, the homeowner might notice water leaking in around the chimney and in other areas where the joints are connected. If the flashing is damaged, it will take a professional roofer to make the repair correctly.

If a homeowner is able to recognize the signs that they need to hire a professional in Roof Repair in Silver Spring, their home will be protected as well as everything inside. For more information, Visit the site.

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