5 Questions to Help You Hire Commercial Painting Contractors

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Roofing Contractors


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Tired of poor painting solutions? Hiring commercial painting contractors in Charleston SC can be a stressful experience. Knowing the right questions to ask, though, can point you in the right direction:

Are they reliable?
Reliability and dependability inspire trust and confidence in a company. Those things are built on basics like qualifications, credentials and experience. Choose a company with plenty of experience in dealing with projects similar to yours and the right qualifications.

Are they reputable?
Reputations are built over time. Positive ratings from trusted sites like the Better Business Bureau can help build those reputations up. Reviews from previous customers are a good source of insight as well and could pinpoint specific problems you might face in dealing with a particular group or company of contractors.

Are they insured?
Hire only commercial painting contractors in Charleston SC who are insured, says House Painting. Don’t just take their word for it, though. Ask for proof from their insurance provider to make sure they’re covered for any accidents that might happen on-site. If you skip this, you could end up paying for their treatment bills.

What’s in the contract?
Don’t be afraid to make adjustments or revisions to the contract. Put in every pertinent information about the job, from start and end dates, quotes, services included to a slew of other things you and your contractors agreed on. A thorough and comprehensive contract can serve as a handy reference for both sides later on. If you ever need to clarify a condition or if the company forgets to provide a certain service, the contract will be there to naysay you or the contractor.

What do past customers say?
Ask for a list of references and make a few calls. Will they hire this contractor again? If past customers say yes and tell you why, then you’re that much closer to hiring the right crew for the job.

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