Answers To Your Questions About Waterproofing Your Roofing Materials in Hawaii

Waterproofing your roof has many benefits including preventing roof leaks, extending the life of your roof and saving you money. Contact a professional company that specializes in Roofing in Hawaii to place a waterproof coating on your roof. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about sealing your roof with a waterproof coating.

Q.) What is a waterproof roof coating made out of and how will it seal my roof?

A.) Most waterproofing coatings are made from polyurethane and when this substance cures, it materializes into a rubbery substance that coats and protects your roof. The consistency of this substance allows it to contract and expand to seal your roof without causing damage to the roofing materials.

Q.) How long will a roof coating last on my roof and is it cost effective?

A.) Many waterproof roof coatings available today can protect your roof for up to 25 years. These coatings will work on roofs made of asphalt shingles, metal and concrete. When you have a coating on your roof, your roof will last longer too. Since this substance acts as a waterproof barrier on your roof, it keeps rain and ultraviolet rays from penetrating and causing premature damage to your roofing materials. If you have to repair or replace your roof due to damage, this will cost over double the amount of what it costs to apply a roof coating.

Q.) Will my home be more energy efficient with a waterproof coating?

A.) A roof coating that’s produced for energy efficiency will keep the top of your roof and the inside of your home cooler. This will keep your air conditioner from running as frequently, so you can enjoy energy and cost savings. When you hire a professional company for Roofing in Hawaii to waterproof your roof, you can be assured that the job is done right and that your roof is as energy efficient as possible.

If you’re looking for an experienced contracting company to waterproof your residential, commercial or industrial roof, contact Kapili Roofing. They also specialize in roof repairs, replacement, painting and the installation of new roofs.

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