Call a Local Metal Roofer in St. Charles MO

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Roofing


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While homeowners are searching for a good roofing company, they may be surprised that many companies do much more than just install or repair roofs. They install new replacement windows, decks, siding, and patio covers. Many of them also install new gutters with the guards that keep leaves and limbs out and save homeowners so much time since they won’t have to climb ladders and clean them anymore. Roofing companies repair many roofs in the area that have had shingles blown off during wind, rain or snowstorms. They also have websites where future customers can view their photo gallery of homes they recently completed.

The Installation of a New Roof

When companies like Affordable Exteriors do a roofing job, when it’s completed it’s above reproach. Roofing companies work with many different materials nowadays. While asphalt is still very popular, homeowners are also opting for metal roofs since they’re also very attractive and are very functional. A Metal Roofer in St. Charles MO will explain to customers that metal roofing material is so strong it will last as long as the home. It deters fires and can survive many hailstorms.

Percentages Off Roof Repairs

As stated above, many roofs simply need to be repaired instead of replaced. Some local companies offer 10% off when repairs are needed and will do emergency repair such as putting a tarp over any openings until they can repair the leaks caused by the storm. Many companies are so well known and trusted that insurance companies come to rely on their word when repairs and installations need to be undertaken. Look for a Metal Roofer in St. Charles MO that offers money-saving discounts.

Discounts and Free Estimates

Many companies offer good discounts when clients need a new roof. These discounts can certainly add up when some are them are as high as $500. Companies also offer free estimates to customers and limited lifetime warranties on roofing services. Always ask if there are discounts available for people who are in the military or for senior citizens. Since many clients don’t know exactly what color roofing materials they want, associates are always willing to go over colors and materials with them.

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