Choose A Residential Metal Roofer In Weatherford TX Over Shingles

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Roofing


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Composition shingles are used on most homes, but there is a great alternative. Metal roofing lasts much longer than any composite shingle on the market. Metal roofing should be installed by a Residential Metal Roofer in Weatherford TX and not by an inexperienced individual. The benefits of metal roof far outweigh composition shingles. The energy efficient and longevity of the roof are two of the major benefits. Metal roofs are fire resistant and last for at least 50 years. Composite roofs last for a maximum of 20 years. There are a variety of colors available of metal roofs for homes or businesses.

Winds can become very damaging to composite shingles. Metal roofing interlocks to create a tight bond that wind cannot lift. The intense Texas heat can be kept out of a home or business with metal roofing. A Residential Metal Roofer in Weatherford TX can give any homeowner or business a free estimate of their roofing project. They can remove the old material and dispose of it properly. There will be no mess left behind. Metal roofing is environmentally friendly, unlike asphalt shingles that are petroleum based. Metal roofing is very lightweight and doesn’t crack or break when it’s walked on.

The excellent insulation factors of metal roofing can reduce both heating and cooling costs. Unlike composition shingles, metal roofing repels the harmful UV rays that can destroy shingle roofs. The owner no longer has to worry about the UV rays destroying the roof. Metal roofs are made out of recycled products, and very often there are a variety of rebates available for the installation of an energy efficient and recycled roofing material product. Some insurance companies offer discounts in the insurance when a metal roof is installed.

Although a metal roof may appear to cost more at the beginning, the rebates, insurance discounts and the amount of money that will be saved in energy costs help to pay for the roof. If the goal of the home or business owner is to have a great looking and energy efficient roof, Contact Texas Energy Savers and immediately start saving on energy costs.

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