Commercial Roofers in Loveland CO Install Long lasting Roofs

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Roofing


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No matter how many times a property owner fixes a commercial roof or adds coatings to it, eventually a new roof will be needed. It is tempting for owners of large commercial buildings to go as many years as possible before replacing the building roof. It represents a large investment that no one really sees. It doesn’t add a lot of curb appeal. The roof is not that visible from the street with large, multi-story buildings. But a worn out roof can allow water to leak into a building and do thousands of dollars worth of damage to ceilings, walls, and merchandise.

Repairing and Maintaining Commercial Roofs

The property owner who makes sure the building roof is inspected often and maintained as needed will get many more years from their roof. But, climbing up on the roof is not most people’s idea of a good time. Building maintenance people may not include the roof in their services. The best plan is to develop a good relationship with commercial roofers in Loveland CO. Have them set up a schedule of roof inspections and maintenance. Flat roofs common on commercial buildings need special maintenance including rolling on roof sealers periodically.

When there is damage, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid a larger problem. Sun and wind damage can dry out the roofing materials. Flashings and their sealers may need to be repaired.

Replacing The Roof

Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. The same company that has been maintaining the roof should be able to supply and install a new roof. Commercial roofers in Loveland CO who are familiar with the roof from doing repairs can suggest new roofing materials and give a bid for the new roof. With the bid in hand, the building owner can get financing for this large project. Newer materials may require less maintenance and might last longer. Some of the new roofing materials are more energy efficient.

When a new roof is needed for a commercial building, at least two bids should be gotten. Multiple bids ensure competitive pricing. Even when the roof people who have been doing repairs are going to be used, a second bid is a good idea. If the building has multiple layers of roofing, they should all be removed, the roof deck repaired and then a new roof installed. 

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