Doing a Roof Replacement in Parkville, MO, with Solar Panels

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Roofing


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Before you buy a solar panel system, it would be much easier to get a new roof. Once the solar panels are set up, it becomes more expensive to repair the roof because you have to pay to take the solar panels down and for the costly roofing materials.

But if you already have solar panels and need a roof replacement in Parkville, MO, here is what you need to know.

Talk to the Roofers

Talk to roofing companies, such as Christian Brothers Roofing LLC, that are near you. Tell them that you use solar energy now and need a new roof. Your roofing expert will probably tell you that not all roof companies use the same solar mounting tools, so you must choose the right roofing system for your solar panels. You will also discover that most roofers don’t take down solar panels, so you must call your solar company.

Call the Solar Company

Contact the company you hired to put in your solar panels. Tell them that you need a roof replacement in Parkville, MO, but you’re still interested in the clean energy that a solar system can give you. Many companies that install solar panels will know how the materials on the roof work with the mounting tools.

They can ensure that the roof system you chose works well with the solar energy system you already have. A helpful solar company will also work with your roofer’s plan and take down your solar panel systems the day before your roof is installed.


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