Doing Roof Repair in Wauwatosa, WI As A Part Of Routine Maintenance

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Roofing


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Doing routine maintenance to a roof is necessary to keep it from enduring substantial damage from lack of upkeep. There are several parts of maintenance and roof repair in Wauwatosa, WI area that need to be done to keep the roof looking its best.

First, make sure to clean out the gutters regularly. This should be done at the end of winter to remove any debris that may have built up when ice or snow was present in the gutters. It should be done again in the fall to prepare for inclement weather to come. When cleaning, all debris should be removed using gloved hands. The gutters should be evaluated for any cracks or rips at this time. They can be filled in with caulk or flashing so the gutter will drain water properly. The gutters should be cleaned, so the water does not pool up, possibly getting trapped under the bottom layer of shingles of the home. This would lead to leaking in the house.

Get up on the rooftop to look for areas in need of attention. Any shingles that are crumbled or peeling should be taken off of the roof and replaced with new ones. The roofing paper should be observed for pin holes and replaced if there are any present. Check all flashing for rusting. If there is rust present, the old flashing will need to be taken off and new pieces can be caulked into place. This is usually needed around protrusions, such as around skylights, the chimney, or vents.

Cleaning the rooftop can safe on unnecessary roof repair in Wauwatosa, WI. When the roof is not cleaned, debris will start to stain the shingles underneath. The debris will hold moisture, causing the shingles to deteriorate as a result. Get up on the roof with a push broom and remove as much as possible from the shingles. Use a power washer to remove any embedded debris from in between shingles. This can be done in conjunction with a roof cleaner if desired. The end result will be a nice-looking roof that will not be at risk of deterioration.

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