Five Factors to Consider When Looking at Flat Roofing in Ann Arbor, MI

Homeowners building a new house, or replacing their roof, may want to consider a flat roof. Flat roof systems provide many benefits to people who live in certain climates, however, homeowners looking at flat roofing in Ann Arbor, MI need to consider a few factors first.

Roof Design

Everyone wants to live in a house that looks good. A roof with a unique design adds to the house’s appeal. The roof design chosen determines the roofing system used, and it’s ideal that the roof matches the exterior design of the house.

The durability of the System

It’s important that the roof lasts a long time. Its resilience of the roofing system depends on the durability of the materials used. Flat roofs can be made more durable by using a thick, properly-installed two-layered membrane.


When choosing a roofing system for their house, homeowners need to consider the climatic conditions common to the area. The roof needs to be able to handle rainfall, snow, strong winds, and sun. Homeowners who live in hot climates may benefit most from having a flat roof put on their house, but flat roofs can also be used on houses in other climates.

Reflectivity and Emissivity

Reflectivity is the ability of the roof to reflect heat; emissivity is the ability of the roof to dissipate absorbed heat. These two concerns are most important in places that experience a lot of hot weather. Houses in these areas need to have roofs that have a high degree of reflectivity and emissivity so they can protect from harsh elements.

Availability and Cost of Roofing Material

The last thing homeowners need to consider is how much the roofing material to construct the flat roof is going to cost, and if it’s available. Homeowners have different preferences for roofing material; the best thing to do is choose material that they can afford, and that’s going to work well for their roof. This saves money in the future when routine maintenance needs to be done.

These are the factors homeowners should consider when looking at flat roofing in Ann Arbor, MI. Homeowners should look at different roofing systems and roofing materials carefully, and then choose the best one for their budget, whether they end up choosing visit us website or someone else.

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