Fix That Leaky Roof by Contacting a Company That Provides Roofing Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Home Improvement


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If your roof has sprung a leak or several leaks, it is usually beyond repair, especially if it is older than 15 years old. If you find that your roof is not keeping you dry, you need to do something about it quickly. Otherwise, you could compromise the stability of your house.

Who to Call in Cedar Rapids for a Roof Installation

If you are wondering who to call to replace a leaky roof, you should contact an experienced contractor such as Pa’s Roofing & Construction. By taking this approach, you can also have any other home renovations made if you should need them. This type of business not only provides roofing services but it also offers renovations and home repairs. Therefore, you can also install new gutters if you so choose.

Contact One Company

If your gutter is in poor condition along with your roof, you can go to one source to fix the problem. Also, if you leaky roof has caused water damage, you can have any related repairs made as well. This can easily be done if you go to one source that provides home renovations and roofing services in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Flat Roofing Services

You just need to think about the type of roof you want to install. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, you can find roof products made of asphalt that are of a high quality. Maybe you are a commercial business. If so, roofing services are available that accommodate flat roofs as well.

Take an Inventory

Take an inventory today if you own a residential property. If your roof leaks, do you need to have the gutters and downspouts replaced as well? Do you need siding or new windows? If you choose a company that takes care of roof installations as well as window replacements or siding upgrades, you need to contact them right away.

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