Flat Roofs by Roofers in Franklin: Good, Bad, Dated, or the Most Underappreciated Roofing Style?

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Roofing


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Americans do not see a lot of new house constructions with flat roofs anymore. Homeowners and construction designers alike want to add something a little more majestic. They want peaks and valleys. They want concave shapes and ergonomically-tested designs that are rich in character and texture. Aside from commercial warehouse properties and some standard business buildings, flat roofs seem to be part of history.

Is this fair? Furthermore, is it all even true? The roofers in Franklin encourage more homeowners to explore the potential of flat roofs. What is good about them and what is bad? How are homeowners looking at flat roofs as a perfectly valid way to go?

Define “Flat”

To get it out of the way first and foremost, flat roofs are not necessarily flat at all. If the roof was flat, it would not have any practical run-off. Water would pool in spots, which is severely problematic on the surface of the roof because mosquitoes and other troubling insects can settle in comfortably. Also, the water would subsequently

Also, the water would subsequently drip and seep below the roof after it has pooled long enough, causing all sorts of problems. The problem many people may have with flat roofs may be their perception that flat roofs are absolutely flat. Flat roofs have a subtle grade to allow for water flow. A purely flat roof is non-functional.

Creative Limitations

Creatively speaking, there is not a whole lot that can be done with a flat roof. Shingles are not commonly used because they just are not visible and they are not suitable for a mostly flat roof anyway. The roofers in Franklin use a concrete base that is extremely durable, so shingles are not necessary or even aesthetically-preferred.

The best part of a flat roof is that it is low maintenance. It is also quite easy to access and rather affordable to get done. It is a budget-friendly option for homeowners who want something easy and simple. In 2017, it is also quite modern and unconventional. Visit us for more on the many different roofing styles available, and how homeowners can do grand new things with the roof.

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