Guide to Roof Installation in Overland Park KS

Kansas homeowners understand that Roof Installation in Overland Park KS is a significant investment in their homes. They want the best value for their hard-earned dollars. Unfortunately, not all roofing contractors are interested in performing a high-quality roofing installation. Hiring a reliable and skilled roofing contractor does not need to be difficult if these tips are followed.

Positive Reputation

Trusted community members have a wealth of knowledge about reliable contractors. Talk to co-workers, neighbors, and friends about roofers they have used in the past and discussed their experiences. Were they happy with the company they chose? Would they use the company again? Pay particular attention to names mentioned by more than one person.

Local Roots

It is not uncommon for roofers to flock to a town to perform roofing work, especially after a storm. But those individuals are interested in their profit, and not necessarily in performing a high-quality job for their community. Look for a roofing company that is well established in the Overland Park area, because then homeowners can know that the company wants to do an excellent job to maintain their good reputation. Also, they will be easier to find in case a repair ever becomes necessary.

Get a Written Estimate

Contact at least three recommended, local companies to provide an estimate for the installation. Don’t assume that the lowest estimate will be the best project. It may be, but sometimes the best value is found elsewhere. Make sure to compare all relevant factors before deciding.


Roofing materials will come with a manufacturer warranty on the materials. However, those warranties can become void if an error occurs during the installation process. Reputable roofers will offer a warranty to customers on their labor for varying periods of time. Confirm what the material’s warranty is, as well as if any labor warranty is provided to best compare estimates. To know more, click here.

Final Thoughts

Once a homeowner has researched recommended companies, obtained and compared estimates, and verified warranty information, it is time to choose which contractor to go with. At this point, the homeowner will have a good sense of which company they feel comfortable with, and which will give them the best overall value for their roofing project. Choose the company with whom you feel the most comfortable. Contact Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering to schedule a free estimate or for more information about Roof Installation in Overland Park KS.

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