Guttering Services in Livingston – Fast Fixes for Common Guttering Predicaments

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Roofing


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Take a look at the exterior of your property – is it surrounded by narrow channels? It likely will be, because this is called the guttering. An essential part of any roofing structure, guttering works by sending water away from the roof. This reduces the chances of leaks and pooling, which could cause the roof to break down prematurely. Although useful, these open pipes on a building can face problems. While maintenance is the best way to steer clear of issues, some common predicaments are inevitable. With professional guttering services in Livingston, the following dilemmas can be dealt with swiftly.

Leaks and Holes

A lot of homeowners living in the United Kingdom may deal with leaks and holes from time to time because, after all, the UK sees more than 1,000mm of rainfall annually! To reduce the chances of leaks and holes, proper installation is important. Hire someone who is a member of the Federation of Master Builders and check customer reviews to ensure all work is completed to a high standard. Signs of damp problems include condensation build-up, unusual smells and mould or mildew growth. Gutter sealant will likely be used to fill small holes, whereas bigger holes may need to be covered with some kind of roofing patch.

Obstructed Gutters

If a gutter is clogged with debris in the form of leaves, twigs and foreign objects, you will probably need to contact an expert for help with guttering services in Livingston. Aside from obstructing the flow of water, obstructed gutters will also cause the guttering to sag away from the wall, due to the extra weight. Clear the muck yourself if possible, before hiring someone to inspect the metal or plastic guttering for damage. To minimise the chances of obstructions occurring again in future, invest in gutter covers or clip-on grates. Mesh screens also prove effective for concealing the gutter opening.

Poorly Pitched Gutters

For water to flow in the right direction, the gutter must be fitted towards the downspout. The downspout sends water to the drain system, which stops pooling from happening. For every 10 feet of guttering, there should be a slope that measures approximately a quarter of an inch. You will be able to notice if the gutter is not aligned properly by taking some measurements.

Storms can cause problems with the gutters on your property, which is why Business Name recommend guttering services in Livingston when you notice an issue. Visit website domain for more information.

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