Hiring a Metal Roofer in St. Peters MO to Reroof or Replace Asphalt Shingles

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Roofing


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When a shingled roof has deteriorated to the point where it must be replaced, roofing contractors encourage homeowners to have the old shingles torn off if they are planning to have asphalt shingles installed. Often, it’s possible to reroof by adding a second layer, but there are some disadvantages with this. If the homeowner wants a metal roof, a shingle tear-off typically can be avoided since this material is lightweight. A metal roofer in St. Peters MO will evaluate the structure and determine how to proceed.

Weight and Previous Damage Considerations

Placing the metal over two installments of shingles may be inadvisable because of the excess weight of that second layer. The metal roofer in St. Peters MO must evaluate the combined weight of all three layers before determining whether the old materials must be removed. Another consideration is that not removing old shingles does not allow the contractor to find any damage that may have occurred due the roof deck to leaking.e

Aesthetic Issues

There may be aesthetic issues when covering old shingles that are not even. This can happen with double layers, as the shingles can take on a wavy or warped look in some spots. This will affect the ability of the installer to make the metal sit perfectly flat.


The warranty will also be a consideration. The customer must be sure that the metal roof warranty will apply if the material is installed over existing shingles. The manufacturer obviously does not want to be held responsible for any problems that were actually connected with the asphalt shingles.


Some homeowners are a little concerned about possible disadvantages of metal as installed by a company like Affordable Exteriors. They may think that this material is noisier during a rainstorm, for example. Today’s products, especially when cushioned with adequate insulation, are not much noisier than asphalt shingles in heavy rain. Another misconception is that a metal roof is more likely to be struck by lightning. However, lightning seeks out the tallest point as it descends, and that might be a tree or a utility pole. Contact us to learn more.

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