How a Slate Roof Installed by a Slate Roofing Contractor in Port Washington NY Benefits Your Home

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Roofing Contractors


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Homeowners in the market to replace their home’s existing roof, or investigating roofing options for a new construction, have several options to choose from. One it comes to a material that is the longest-lasting, natural, fire-proof, low maintenance, and visually appealing, one needs to look no further than natural slate roofing. Check out website domain to learn more about the advantages of slate roofs.

1. Longevity -; Aside from metal, no other roofing material has the longevity that slate does, typically lasting from 75 to well over 100 years. Therefore, roofing professionals will warranty them to last a “lifetime.”

2. Durability -; There is a reason slate has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years -; its durability is unsurpassed. It holds up to all weather conditions, it’s fire-retardant, and is impenetrable by moisture or water when laid correctly by a

3. Slate roofing contractor in Port Washington NY

4. Exposure to the elements does not affect the function or appearance of a slate roof.

5. Visually Appealing -; It’s nearly impossible to improve upon the natural beauty of slate, with its rich, earthy hues of gray, green, black, red, and even purple. One of the most popular colors chosen, is a gray-green, that over time, some of it softens to hues of brown and beige, with the remainder keeping its original color. Other common options are to mix colors to avoid harsh contrasts and add interest.

6. Eco-Friendly -; Choosing a slate roof is an environmentally sound decision as used roofing material accounts for a large percentage of landfill debris. Slate roofs are rarely removed or replaced and damaged sections are easy to repair.

Most of the slate quarried in the United States comes from the East Coast. One of the primary differences between slate and other forms of stone is its natural cleavage which permits it to be split in sheets of varying thickness -; perfect for roofing needs. Slate used for roofing is primarily cut by hand, making it a truly custom-designed project, that should only be performed by a skilled Slate Roofing Contractor in Port Washington NY. Unlike some roofing materials, slate’s natural appearance is suitable for practically any architectural style, making it highly desirable. Due to its fire-resistant nature, durability (not prone to storm or wind damage), and longevity (not likely to be replaced), homeowners may also benefit from lower home insurance premiums.

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