How Important is Professional Home Foundation Repair in Houston TX?

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Foundation Repair


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Home foundation problems are probably your worst nightmare. On looking up, you find a drywall crack or a cracked brick as you tend to your spring flowers. Some of the knee jerk solutions that homeowners go for include ignoring the problem (hoping it will not come to much harm) or trying to fix the problem themselves. However, the best course of action is calling in a professional home foundation repair in Houston TX firm.

The experts have the necessary experience and skills to handle problems of such a magnitude and it is advisable that you let them handle your home foundation issues. The foundation provides your home with support and stability.

Causes of Foundation Issues

Home foundation problems are as a result of various things ranging from type of soil around your home to sub-standard construction. One of the following causes just about all problems you are likely to experience with your foundation:

1. Type of soil your home is built on
2. Foundation footing and walls upon which your home is constructed on
3. Hydrostatic pressure caused by water at rest

Signs of Foundation Issues

A few signs associated with foundation problems are obvious. On the other hand, others like drywall cracks are most often mistaken for cosmetic issues. Below are some of the commonest signs you should be on the lookout for:

1. Your home exterior has cracked bricks
2. Cracked concrete blocks
3. Gaps around doors or windows
4. Cracks in your garage or porch
5. Bouncy or uneven floors
6. A cracked or leaning chimney
7. Basement walls that are bowed

When you find any of the problems above in your home, you should get in touch with a professional immediately.

Foundation Repair Solutions

In the event your home requires foundation repair, the expert will propose the best solution based on the cause and type of foundation problem. Some of the commonest repair solutions recommended include:

1. Wall anchors
2. Push pliers
3. Shotcrete

When you are not sure about the source of your foundation problems, contact the experts in home foundation repair in Houston TX. Click here to read more information on how you can call them as well as schedule an inspection. The experts will help you find the root of your foundation problem and quickly apply the perfect solution.

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