How to Find the Cost of Total Window Replacements in Colorado Springs

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Roofing Contractors


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After years as a homeowner, one may need to replace a few windows. While many people take their windows for granted, they are still an integral part of maintaining a comfortable home.

If a homeowner needs to find a window replacement cost in Colorado Springs, he or she can look online for a local installer who will visit the property, assess the windows, take the necessary measurements, and present the homeowner with an estimate.

Talking About Window Replacement Costs

Before even obtaining a window replacement cost estimate, it is essential that a person has a general idea of where he or she plans to purchase the windows. If he or she is not relying on an installer to provide the windows, he or she may want to consider big-box stores as the best option for a hands-on enthusiast. The stores typically offer fair prices for material, along with good insurance. However, the commission and installation costs could be high.

The ideal solution is a complete window installation, which means finding a qualified contractor along with a window manufacturer. For a standard-size vinyl window that is double-pane and double-hung, homeowners can expect to pay a window replacement cost of about $450 – $600, which would typically include installation. Wooden windows tend to be more expensive, and a wooden replacement window can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,000 per installation.

If a property’s entire framing and window have to be removed right down to the studs, homeowners should be prepared to add around $50 to $100 per installation. This is usually known as “full-frame” replacement windows or “new construction windows.”

While the overall cost to replace windows can be steep, it is a long-term investment which can help to increase a home’s value. A professional installer will be better able to provide an accurate estimate of window replacement in Colorado Springs cost that includes the window and the installation.

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