Installing Gutter Guards in Lexington KY To Keep Pests From Becoming Problems

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Roofing


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When a homeowner discovers squirrels, chipmunks or mice are causing damage to their rooftop, taking steps to stop them from continuing this behavior is necessary. There are several steps to take to keep pests from becoming nuisances around the rooftop area. Here are some points to take into consideration.

Do Frequent Cleaning Of The Rooftop

A rooftop that becomes excessively dirty is a haven for pests. They tend to stick around areas that are less than clean. Doing routine cleaning of the rooftop will help to eliminate larger debris piles, so pests do not have a spot to hide. Remove clumps of leaves, twigs, and other larger items by hand. Use a broom to whisk away dirt every month or so. Alternately a leaf blower or garden hose will remove loose debris with ease.

Trim Back Tree Limbs On A Regular Basis

When tree limbs hang over a shingled roof, pests have a quick way to make their way to the structure. It is important to take the time to cut limbs, so the roof is not covered. This way pests will have a difficult time jumping or crawling onto a rooftop. Check the length of limbs every spring and fall and cut them if needed.

Install Gutter Guards To Make Water Inaccessible

When pests have an easy to access water supply available, they will stay on the premises. The gutters under a roof provide a liquid source after precipitation falls. Pests will hang out in this area. Installing Gutter Guards in Lexington KY is an option to stop this occurrence altogether. The gutters are safely covered, keeping pests from getting inside to take a drink. These handy tools also help to eliminate excessive debris accumulation inside of gutters. They are simple to remove and replace when cleaning is needed.

When there is a desire to have Gutter Guards in Lexington KY installed on a home, calling the right service to the job is a must. Check out website domain today to find out more about the many services they provide to their customers. Call to make an appointment for an evaluation of gutters today.

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