Let an Expert at Roofing in Indianapolis Inspect or Repair Your Roof Before Problems Begin

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Roofing Repairs


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It can be very difficult to avoid storm damage since any problems that result are usually out of the property owner’s personal control. However, it is possible to provide some assurance that a problem won’t develop by having an expert at Roofing in Indianapolis inspect the roof for signs of failure. For example, the roofer can inspect the attic space for signs of leaks or the shingles for age indicators such as dryness or cracks. This way, a fault can be remedied before the storms turn it into a major disaster.

The roof is a simple structure made from joists and rafters. The top of the rafters are covered with a layer of decking, usually plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board). This provides both strength for the roof and a level playing field for placing the new roof covering. This is crucial with asphalt because this product will slowly conform to the material it is placed over. This happens when the asphalt gets hot and has enough time to sit and soften, typically during the summer months. Plus, asphalt roofing is rather heavy which means it needs something to provide support and man-made decking like OSB works well, provided the material doesn’t get wet. Water causes lumber such as OSB to swell. This breaks any bonds between the wood fibers and the resin that hold them together. Click here to get more information.

If the roofing issue has reached the point where replacement is required, it may be a good idea to consider alternatives. The typical three-tab, asphalt shingle makes a fine choice if the homeowner doesn’t mind replacing them in about a decade or so. Roofing in Indianapolis provides options such as composite shingles or laminated ones that tend to have a much longer service life. Usually, fifty years or the life of the home. The reason is in the manufacture of these materials. Laminated shingles come with an additional layer of asphalt on the back of the shingle which provides both strength and durability. Composite shingles have one or more layers of shingle placed over the top. This creates a stronger shingle with a unique look. In fact, composite shingles were originally designed to simulate the look of slate, but they also provide an excellent, long-term option for any homeowner. Contact Amos Exteriors Inc for more information.

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