Looking For Power Tools For Sale in NYC?

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Hardware


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Home improvement can be fun and easy with the right power tools. Power tools make completing simple jobs faster than with hand tools. Select the right power tools for sale in NYC and save money. Visit your local hardware store online first to see ads and sales.

Cordless power drills with attachments are great for anything that requires a screwdriver. This would be a great start to any power tool collection. Because it is a cordless drill, you can keep it charging until you need it so it will always be ready for use. Plus, you don’t have to be near a power outlet to use them. They have a switch that allows them to work in forward and reverse. You can buy attachments such as small drill bits to make pilot holes, and hole saw bits to make doorknob holes. This is the most versatile power tool available.

If you will be building a fence, hanging drywall or installing baseboards, you should consider purchasing a nail gun. Framing nailers are for building wood frames in homes. Roofing nailers are used exactly as the name suggests. They use shorter nails with larger heads. Flooring nailers are for installing wood flooring. Finishing nailers are for installing baseboards, window mouldings, and cabinet making.

Miter saws are good for getting perfect angles on your crown molding so your corners meet just right. Table saws are perfect for cutting wood for any large woodworking project such as cabinetry. Circular saws are hand held electric saws that are used for many of the same purposes as table saws except they are not bulky and are less expensive.

Don’t forget a belt sander to smooth out those rough cuts. If you are cutting tile for floors or bathrooms, you will need a tile saw. Drill presses are used for drilling holes including tapping which makes threads to introduce a screw.

If you are looking for power tools for sale in NYC, contact your local hardware store for information. They can let you know of any sales and promotions they have. They are very knowledgeable on the uses of power tools. Whatever your needs, they can make suggestions to outfit your tool workshop perfectly.

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