Need a New Roof? Hire a Roofing Contractor in Ellicott City MD

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Asphalt Roofs


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When homeowners install a new roof on their home, they have a lot of important decisions to make. Roofs last at least 20 years, so they will be living with these decisions for a long time. If they decide to sell their home, the quality and appearance of the roof will have an impact on the home’s resale value. Therefore it’s a good idea to hire an experienced Roofing Contractor in Ellicott City MD. When homeowners opt to use local contractors such as Liberty Windows and Siding, Inc they know that they are hiring companies that will stand behind their work.
Because of the cost of a roof, many homeowners ask several roofing contractors to submit bids. These should include the cost of tearing off the existing roof, installing the new roof and cleaning up the debris. The cost of labor and materials should be separate. The homeowner should also consider the length of warranty for the roofing materials. These can vary from 10 years to 50 years. The warranty may have conditions that need to be met in order for it to remain in place. Some roofing companies also guarantee their work for a number of years. If a roof starts leaking within that period, there is no labor charge to find and repair the leak.
Working with a local Roofing Contractor in Ellicott City MD makes it easy for a homeowner to have the same company that installed the roof to inspect it every year. The inspection should occur in the spring after autumn hurricanes and winter blizzards have passed. The contractor will go up on the roof and look for loose or missing shingles and ensure that the flashing is in place. He’ll also make sure that the gutter is properly attached to the roof and has no broken seams or leaks.
The gutter collects the water running off of the roof and sends it to the gutter. The gutter sends it to downspouts that carry it safely away from the siding and foundation. If the gutters aren’t cleaned or are leaking, the water can rot away the siding or leak into the basement. Like us on Facebook.

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