Problems that May Occur with Asphalt Roofing in Rochester, MN

When people purchase roofs for their new homes or have been in the homes for a little while, they want to ensure the roofing structure on the home is in top working order. A lot of how that will turn out depends on the type of roofing material that was used. A lot of people opt for the asphalt roofs, as they seem to be less expensive way to go. There is a construction contractor that does Asphalt Roofing in Rochester MN who has seen a lot of problems people have with those roofs.

Problems with Asphalt Roofs

It is estimated that 80 percent of homes built in America are made of asphalt shingles because the material is so durable. However, many problems arise from the use of these types of shingles, such as blistering, curling, cracking and tearing. Blistering occurs naturally as a roof ages, but if the shingles start to blister early on, those shingles are probably defective. If the shingles get a lot of moisture in them, that will lead to the other problem known as curling, which also occurs because of poor ventilation.

More Problems with Asphalt Roofs

When the shingles begin to crack prematurely, such as due to harsh weather conditions, it will be time to replace the roof, especially if the shingles are also old. Another problem that occurs with asphalt roofs is the loss of granules in the shingles. This problem occurs typically towards the end of the life cycle of the roof, or it could be premature. In either case, the entire roof will most likely need to be replaced, as repairing would probably not help much at that time.

A Roofing Contractor Who Can Help

Steve Gentry Construction has been providing the roofing construction and general construction solutions for customers in the Rochester, Maine area for over 20 years. The contractor also offers the installation of siding and windows, deck construction, garage services and snow removal from rooftops for residential and commercial customers. If there are any potential customers who need construction contractors for Asphalt Roofing in Rochester MN, the company is available. Contact Steve Gentry Construction.

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