Proper Gutter Installation In Farmington Hills MI Can Protect A Home’s Roof And Foundation

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Roofing Contractors


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The roof and the foundation are the two most vital parts of Farmington Hills home, and those two parts are more related than one may realize. The home’s foundation supports the upper structure and keeps runoff from intruding. In a similar way, the roof protects the inside of the home by keeping the interior safe from the elements. If the foundation isn’t strong, the house’s structural integrity can be compromised. If the roof doesn’t handle runoff correctly, it can cause the foundation to deteriorate. Gutter Installation in Farmington Hills MI can help the homeowner protect the two most important parts of the home.

How Gutters Work

As rainwater hits the roof, it runs down to the roof’s edge. In Gutter Installation in Farmington Hills MI, the water is funneled along the edge of the roof until it hits the corners, where it then moves through downspouts and away from the structure. Gutters keep people dry as they enter the home, but they serve a much more important function; they prevent water from collecting around the home and eroding the area around the foundation.

Gutter Installation

If the home has gutters, they should be professionally inspected at least once per year. However, homeowners can look them over, both in good weather and on rainy days. Ensure that water moves into the gutters as it should, with no leaks between the roof and the gutter. Gutters should have enough of a slope to allow water to flow toward downspouts, with no areas where it can accumulate.

The downspouts should be checked to ensure that water is traveling through unimpeded. Downspouts should end a minimum of two feet from the foundation, which helps to move water away from the home. If a homeowner notices issues with water flow or leakage, they should call a rain gutter repair and installation specialist.

Modern Rain Gutters

As the homeowner looks at their current gutters, they should be leak-free over the entire length. If the home has older gutters, it’s important to consider that today’s seamless gutters are very resistant to leaks. Some may be surprised to know how affordable new gutters can be, Integrity Home Exteriors can install seamless, custom-made gutters for not much more than it would cost to buy poorly-made PVC gutters from a home improvement store.

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