Protect That Commercial Building Using a Reliable Flat Roofing Contractor in Lawrence KS

There are several types of roofs that can be used to protect a building. The pitched or gabled roof is quite common and very popular for residential uses, but it doesn’t work that well for large buildings. The best solution for these structures is a flat or low-sloped roof. Technically, the roof isn’t flat because that would not allow it to shed water.

However, the slope of the roof is low enough that it can appear to be flat. A Flat Roofing Contractor in Lawrence KS can install one of the several types of flat roofs such as BUR (built- up roofing) or TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). Alternately, the use of a synthetic rubber known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) or a layer of modified bitumen can be used to cover the low-sloped roof. BUR roofing is very common, and one reason for this is that this roofing system is generally easy to repair. BUR is multiple layers of asphalt, and a membrane such as roofing felt that is covered with an aggregate like gravel. The number of layers often depends on the age of the roof and how many repairs it has had. The purpose of the aggregate is to give the asphalt something to adhere to and to help hold the roofing in place.

One concern with BUR is how easily it can be damaged. Flat roofs often hold equipment such as condensers used for air conditioning. This means that the roof can suffer damage whenever a repair person walks over it or drags equipment across it. Thankfully, an experienced Flat Roofing Contractor in Lawrence KS can quickly eliminate these issues.

Many roofing contractors recommend the use of TPO or modified bitumen solutions whenever a low-sloped roof needs to be replaced. This is mainly because these solutions provide long-term alternatives to BUR. TPO has the benefit of excellent seam control because the material is welded together while it is being installed. TPO is also easy to repair and extremely durable. A modified bitumen membrane is an excellent choice for a BUR roof replacement because many of the existing details like flashing and vents can be easily re-used with just a little cleaning. Check out the website to get more information on roofing solutions or learn a little about Us.

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