Questions and Answers About Commercial Cedar Siding In Parkville MO

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Roofing


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Many business owners choose to install cedar siding in their building because it’s durable and attractive. Cedar also helps with the heating and cooling efficiency of the building, which saves money for business owners. Read the questions and answers below to learn additional information about Commercial Cedar Siding In Parkville MO.

How many years does cedar siding typically last and is there any maintenance required?

Business owners who choose to have cedar siding installed can expect it to last approximately 25 years. This natural siding material is resistant to moisture and insects, which adds to its durability.

If business owners don’t want their cedar siding to become discolored, the siding must be stained periodically. Those who like the natural beauty of the wood as it ages can keep the siding clean by using water and bleach in a power washer.

What types of finishes can business owners apply to their cedar siding?

Business owners can apply various stains and finishes to cedar siding to achieve the desired look. If the wood is left untreated, it will naturally turn a light silver hue. Many business owners, who like the rustic look of their cedar siding, will paint a clear finish over the wood to help preserve it from the elements.

It’s recommended to add a fresh coat of stain every four to five years to keep the siding looking its best. If desired, business owners also have the option of painting their cedar siding in whatever color they choose.

Is cedar an environmentally friendly siding material?

Commercial Cedar Siding In Parkville MO is very environmentally friendly because it’s a sustainable product. This type of siding also helps to cut the utility bill costs because it acts as a layer of insulation from the heat and cold outside. Because of the extreme thickness of this soft wood, it’s difficult for the heat or the cool air from the building to leak outdoors through the wood.

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