Questions to Ask a Roofer in Johnston

While the roof still seems sound, it is getting up in years. That makes the homeowner wonder if the time is coming to consider some repairs or maybe even a new roof. Working with a Roofer in Johnston will be the best way to decide what, if anything, needs to be done. Here are some specific questions to ask.

What is the Condition of the Roof?

Before any decisions are made, it pays to contact a Roofer in Johnston and arrange to have the roof inspected. This will involve more than simply checking the upper side of the roof. The professional will also want to go in the attic and see how things look from the underside. Once the inspection is complete, it is possible to sit down with the client and discuss the findings. Only by knowing the current condition of the roof is it possible to discuss what needs to happen next.

Is the Roof Worth Repairing?

Assuming the roofer does find a few issues, the question will focus on what can be done to remedy the situation. Depending on the general condition of the roof, opting for repairs will be the best bet. Typically, the repairs will be significantly cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

If the roof has a few issues, and there are indications that more will develop over the next year or so, making repairs may not be the best decision financially. The roofer can provide an estimate that addresses the current repairs plus the work that needs to be done over the next couple of years. When that total comes very close to the cost of installing a brand new roof, the homeowner will do well to choose the latter option. Doing so will ensure the roof does not fail and will provide adequate protection for many years to come.

For any homeowner who thinks the time may be coming to do something with the roof, read full info here about how to arrange an inspection and what sort of options are available if the roof needs some type of repair. Once the contractor has a chance to check every aspect of the roof, it will be possible to come to the right decision and start the work immediately.

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