Questions to Ask When Choosing Vinyl Siding in Hammond

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Roofing


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Most of a home’s exterior is composed of siding. Vinyl siding in Hammond has a tremendous effect on property values and curb appeal, which makes it an important investment. There are so many colors and styles available that it may be hard to make the right decision. To help, homeowners should try to answer a few questions first.

Will It Look Different at Varying Times of Day?

Some colors look different in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Homeowners should keep in mind that bright sunlight may look some light colors appear brighter than usual. If there’s any uncertainty, apply a color swatch to the existing siding and look at it through the day. An experienced installer can make color recommendations that look great in any light.

What’s The Rest of The Neighborhood Like?

It may help to get color inspiration from nearby, similarly styled homes. In areas where homes share a common design language, such as in subdivisions and deed-restricted communities, it’s easier to get an idea of which color combos work best.

What’s the Architectural Style of the Home?

The home’s visual style is a major factor in vinyl siding installation. Some architectural styles use just one siding color while others have more creative freedom. Ask the installer how accent pieces can add a modern, yet subtle twist to the home.

What Size is the Home?

Darker shades may make large homes feel overwhelming and gloomy. Conversely, light-colored vinyl siding in Hammond prevents small homes from becoming standouts. Use lighter shades for features to be de-emphasized and use dark colors to accentuate the home’s best parts.

What Color is the Roof?

If the home’s roof is dark in color, use lighter colors for the siding. Neutrally colored roofs offer homeowners more siding color choices.

Why Wait? Learn About Vinyl Siding Options Today

When all these questions have been answered, it’s important to work with an honest, reliable siding seller and installer in Hammond. By choosing the right contractor, customers are assured of quality products, great customer service, and industry-topping warranties. Visit the website or call Gluth Brothers Roofing Co Inc. to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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