Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Roofer for Residential Roofing Service in Asheville, NC

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Roofing


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Your roofing system can enhance or take away from the appeal of your home. This covering to your home also acts as an insulator, weather barrier, and structural supporter. To have your roof function at optimal levels, it’s essential to promptly fix repairs or call a roofer for Residential Roofing Service in Asheville, NC. Before you hire a roofer, there are some questions to pose that will allow you to deduce whether a service provider qualifies for the job.

Are you licensed?

It’s advisable to hire a roofer who has a current license in good standing. In North Carolina, you can legally conduct Residential Roofing Service in Asheville, NC without a license. However, some cities and counties may require a roofer to have a license or register before doing roofing repairs or maintenance. Visit your local building department to see whether a roofer has to have such as credential.

Are you insured?

A roofer should have an adequate level of insurance coverage. This includes general liability and workers’ compensation. A roofer who is self-employed will have his own insurance. A service provider who works for a company will be insured through the company. Hiring an uninsured roofer for Residential Roofing Service in Asheville, NC can put you in the undesirable position of being held liable for personal injuries and loss of income if a roofer is hurt while working on your home.

Will you remove my old roofing material?

Whether you are getting a roof repair or new roof, it’s important to have old roofing material removed. This is the best way to view the underside of the materials. There can be rotten wood or other deterioration beneath your current roofing. Whenever new roofing material is installed on your home, it’s advisable to have the old roofing material removed to keep it from getting damaged due to underlying problems.

Receiving Residential Roofing Service in Asheville, NC is a positive way to restore functionality to your roofing system. For more information on roofing services, get in touch with an expert at Best Roofing Company. This company can handle residential and commercial roofing services including insurance claims, replacement windows, and remodeling.

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