Regular Roof Maintenance in Hammond Should Include Removal of Organic Matter From Shingles

by | May 3, 2018 | Roofing


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People who love the look of ivy and flowering vines along the sides of buildings may wonder whether it’s OK to have those plants growing over the roof. In fact, some opportunistic weeds are vines and actually can look quite lovely. Unfortunately, any plant growth and even organic debris settling onto a roof can damage asphalt shingles. Contractors who offer service for roof maintenance in Hammond advise against allowing vines to grow over shingles.

Routine Maintenance

Routine roof maintenance in Hammond includes sweeping away leaves, evergreen needles and cones, and tree seeds. It also includes eliminating algae growing on the shingles. Organic growth, even dead matter, can cause shingle deterioration and rotting. Live plants that get underneath the shingles can push them up from the roofing surface, leading to a risk of leaks during heavy rainfall or melting snow. All of these things can trap moisture, resulting in a tendency toward rotting.

Minimal Tree Trimming

A roofer may agree to do a minimal amount of tree trimming, such as cutting away a branch that regularly drags on the shingles. Customers must keep in mind that this is not part of a roofing contractor’s job, so they shouldn’t expect a significant amount of tree pruning to take place.

Ivy and Other Vines

Homeowners that grow ivy and other vines on the exterior of the building should take responsibility for keeping the plants off the roof. They can grow and spread quickly since they don’t have to devote any resources to a stalk that keeps them standing up straight.

Lush foliage can be beautiful on sides of homes and draped over the tops of pergolas and arbors. Arbors are commonly built with a specific intention to have plants growing over them for aesthetic appeal. The materials of these structures must be able to withstand the potentially negative effects of plant growth that is constantly in contact.

Overdue Maintenance

If nothing has been done for a long time about vines, algae and other plant growth on the shingles, a contractor such as Gluth Brothers Roofing Co Inc. can help. All of that organic matter should be removed and any deteriorated shingles replaced.

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