Residential Roofers in Brandon, FL, Step in When Serious Leaks Develop

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Asphalt Roofs


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In many cases, signs of a roof leak first appear as a stain on the ceiling. Minor dripping from rain leaking in has occurred. In other instances, a roof leak makes a more dramatic appearance during a storm, with water drizzling down from the ceiling onto the floor or along a wall. Residential roofers in Brandon, FL, can repair the roof after the rain stops or schedule full replacement if this is advisable.

Initial Steps for Homeowners

While the rain is still ongoing, climbing up on the roof and tarping over the leak is unsafe. Pinpointing the area of the leak from outside also can be very difficult since water may travel along interior boards before dripping onto the ceiling. If the home has an attic above the dripping water, the homeowners may want to go up there and see whether they can find where the water is coming from. They might find a hole they can patch temporarily with tape or caulk, but often there is no such obvious damage.

Patching or Replacing

Residential roofers in Brandon, FL, may be able to locate the leak and patch it underneath the shingles. However, if the roof was constructed more than 20 years ago or if a second layer of shingles had been added to an old roof. That technique, known as reroofing, does not last as long as full roof replacement.

Estimates on repair and replacement are provided free of charge by CB Roofing Construction, Inc.

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