Residential Roofers In Fleming Island FL Can Repair, Replace Or Install A New Roof

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Roofing


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Storms, pollution and the UV rays from the sun can all age a roof quickly. A roof should be inspected after a hail or wind storm. Residential Roofers in Fleming Island FL can perform a thorough inspection on a roof and determine if shingles are damaged, loose or if there is weakness of the roof’s surface. Small cracks and loose shingles can lead to water damage. A homeowner will not know there is any damage by inspecting the roof from the ground level. A roofer can walk on the roof for a closer inspection. Homeowners should not attempt to climb onto their roof due to safety reasons.

Residential Roofers in Fleming Island FL can repair leaks and storm damage. They will work with your insurance company to find out what coverage a homeowner has. A roofing company can install skylights and seal a roof. Shingled roofs are very popular due to their durability and cost. Proper ventilation will extend the life of a roof. A homeowner should never cover end vents or any vent on the roof. These vents help to release moisture from the home and attic area. If there is not proper ventilation, the temperature of the roof will be much higher. The higher heat will result in deterioration of the shingles and wood.

A long life of a roof is also dependent upon proper installation of the edge of the roof and gutters. The shingles must reach far enough over the edge of the roof so the water doesn’t roll back under the shingle. If this is not installed properly a homeowner will have wet walls or ceilings. The gutters must have the proper pitch to remove the water away from the roof and home. Standing water in the gutter is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Don’t wait until you see water spots on the ceiling of your home to contact a roofing company. If your roof is more than 10 years old, now is a great time to have it checked for any problems. When a homeowner waits until there’s a leak in the ceiling, there is usually extensive damage to the roof, attic and insulation in a home. For more information, please contact Keith Stern Roofing.

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