Residential Roofing in Clarksville, MD: Considering Color and Climate

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Roofing


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With today’s prevalent emphasis on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient choices, people may feel a bit bewildered when they wonder about home improvement options. For instance, they may be aware that light-colored roofs are advantageous in hot climates, especially when made of the material that reflects instead of absorbs heat. Since dark colors absorb heat, this lighter-hued building cover is a better choice. What about Residential Roofing in Clarksville MD? Does the color really matter in regard to energy efficiency?

Roof Color and Climate

A homeowner may love the idea of a white, light tan, or pale green roof, but may also be concerned that this is not the smart choice for a cooler climate. Maryland usually does not experience the harsh winters common to regions further north, but it still has many cold days and a certain level of snowfall. Fortunately for homeowners who are not interested in black, deep brown, or other dark colors for shingles or metal, their color choice is not as significant as it would be in regions further south.

Insulation Effects

Insulation under Residential Roofing in Clarksville MD should be relied on for energy savings instead of fretting about the roof color. The insulating material prevents heat from escaping the house even if the roof is not absorbing much of the sun’s heat during the winter months. In summer, the opposite effect occurs, as insulation holds cool air in and helps block the heat of the sun beating on the roof. It’s true that dark-colored shingles absorb heat in winter and transfer some of that to the rooms beneath, but people generally aren’t relying on this effect for much heat generation indoors.

Advantages of Shingles

A contractor such as Liberty Windows and Siding can offer homeowners a broad array of colors and patterns for asphalt shingles, which is still the most popular choice among residential property owners. Solid colors can be chosen as well as heather patterns and more dramatic designs. Shingles are affordable and durable, and they can create the decorative home improvement effects the residents are hoping for. Visit the Website to learn more about this particular organization. Free estimates are available.

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