Residential Roofing Needs Professional Attention

A roof bears the brunt of abuse from Mother Nature. It takes a beating from snow, rain, animals, and falling branches, all of which can cause damage. Over time, small damages to a roof that are merely inconvenient can become a big problem financially if they are allowed to grow. It’s not only the outside of a roof that can become damaged, but also the less visible structural components.

The trusses of a roof are among the most missed areas in which leaks can cause problems. Homeowners are unlikely to spot such issues themselves, and should depend on an expert to identify such problems. The same goes for gutters and flashing. Damaged or missing shingles can lead to leaks, and are also unsightly.

It’s worth it to make these small repairs on a regular basis, rather than putting it off until your full roof needs repair. Repairing small roof damage such as gutters, flashing, and shingles can run $400 on average, while a full replacement roof runs as much as $11,000 on average according to Angie’s List. To avoid costly problems caused by damages to trusses, gutters, and flashing, homeowners should have their roof inspected regularly by a professional.

Regular inspections are especially important if your roof is between twenty and twenty-five years old. That is the length of time most roofs are designed to last, so the age of a roof is an important detail to learn upon purchasing a home. In fact, some insurance companies won’t even write a policy for a home with a roof that is older than twenty years old unless it passes an inspection. This is especially true in coastal areas that receive a lot of rain or snow or have high humidity, and, as a result, roofs are damaged by the moisture over a period of time. Insurance companies are also less likely to pay quickly on a policy if a roof is over ten years old, even if the damage was from natural occurences. Being able to prove that a roof has been inspected and maintained is beneficial to a homeowner’s finances as well as their peace of mind.

Residential roofing in Emporia, KS, can provide inspections and repair recommendations, and insurance companies can make referrals for both inspections and repair work as well.

One company that has the experts to provide you the inspection and repair services you need for your roof is Business Name for more information.

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