Restore the Functionality of That Roof With Expert Roofing Installation in Rochester MN

The roof is one of the most important facets of a building’s envelope. Not only does the roof protect the building from the effects of the weather, it can also affect the appearance of many structures. This is readily apparent in most homes because they use a steeply pitched roof. Of course, the way that an aging roof appears will be dictated by the materials the roof is constructed from. The most common roofing material for a residential roof is the asphalt shingle and the right type of shingle can provide the best Roofing Installation in Rochester MN. For example, composite asphalt shingles use fiberglass for strength and a mixture of asphalt and certain proprietary fillers to create a water resistant product.

There are other materials available for residential roofs including clay tiles, fiber cement tiles, cedar shake, simulated shake and certain metals such as copper and steel. Each of these products has pros and cons. For instance, copper provides a long-lasting roofing solution, but copper requires an experienced roofer and can be quite costly to install. Steel tends to be a better option for some property owners and one reason for this is that stamped steel panels can resemble most other roofing solutions. However, steel may be a little more expensive than certain types of asphalt roofing. Other benefits when using steel roofing include a long service life and the choice of color and style.

Commercial structures tend to use a low sloped roof commonly known as a flat roof. Roofing Installation in Rochester MN for a flat roof will frequently use the BUR (built-up roofing) method. BUR starts with a layer of decking to hold the rest of the roof in place. Next is a membrane such as roofing felt or tar paper. This provides a base for the next layer, which is asphalt. These two layers are repeated several times to provide the building with a durable, protective cover. The final step is to place an aggregate such as gravel over the roof. This ballast helps hold the roof in place and provides a rough surface when someone must walk over it. Some benefits of a BUR roof include simple installation and easy repair. Get more details about roofing from the experts at Visit the website

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