Selecting Among Roofing Contractors in Wauwatosa WI

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Roofing Contractors


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The roof of a home or commercial building does more than just protecting the investment from the elements. It prevents moisture from destroying insulation, wildlife and pests from infesting the walls, mold from growing, and the foundation from cracking or shifting. The roof and the gutter system keep water from puddling on the roof, or leaking into the support beams and rooms, and direct it away from the building. Maintenance of the roof is the single most important thing an owner can do, so it is essential to select an experienced and reputable contractor.

If the current home is the first one owned, how does the owner select among Roofing Contractors in Wauwatosa WI? There are a few questions that owners can ask before deciding on which contractor to hire. The first question should be regarding years of experience. If a contractor has been in business for over one-hundred years, or even thirty years, that indicates an advanced level of knowledge in the field. It also indicates great customer service. Businesses that do not treat customers well do not survive for any significant length of time.

Ask about continuing training for technicians and installers. New products, technology, and methods are important as they are usually more energy-efficient, stronger, and more cost-effective. Keeping up with the latest equipment and procedures also illustrates a commitment to quality and customers. Verify proper insurance coverage, and find out any affiliations with professional associations. Most associations have the website where customers can verify membership of a professional or business.

If a contractor has a problem with questions or hesitates to answer, move on to another roofer because you do not want to conduct business with a company that has an issue with questions. Customer education should be a priority, so if preliminary questions result in an attitude, it is likely that future questions will as well. Roofing Contractors in Wauwatosa WI that have no time to answer questions will not have the time or patience to do high-quality work on the roof.

An experienced contractor, like Waukesha Roofing, for example, will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns from customers at any time. Be selective, and begin seeking a contractor as soon as possible. Inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs can save owners a lot of time and money, so do not wait too long to find a contractor that will suit the needs of the home.

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