Several Advantages of Flat Roofing in Omaha

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Roofing


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Most commonly used for large commercial buildings, flat roofing in Omaha is one of the most controversial types of roofing out there. While it may not be right for residential homes and other small buildings, there are many good reasons that flat roofing remains one of the most popular roofing solutions for large buildings.

Economic Efficiency

Arguably the largest advantage of flat roofing is that it is less expensive than nearly all of the alternatives. Not only are the materials used generally much more affordable, but the installation time is also lower, leading to lower labor costs.

Easy Maintenance

Once the roof is installed, it is also remarkably easy to maintain. It’s still a good idea to hire professional roofers for periodic evaluations, but compared to other commercial roofing solutions, the amount of work required to upkeep a flat roof is negligible.

Make Better Use of Roof Space

Commercial buildings often require a good deal of infrastructure to support indoor climate control and power. Flat roofs allow business owners more flexibility in terms of how they use their roofs. They can move HVAC units off the ground to get them out of the way, or even install solar panels on the roof to help provide some of the building’s power.

Make Better Use of Interior Space

Not only is flat roofing in Omaha more practical as far as the use of exterior space goes, but it also offers property owners more flexibility regarding the use of indoor space. Traditional sloped roofs prohibit property owners from using the top floors of their buildings for much of anything other than storage. With a flat roof, the entire building can be put to good use.

Easy Accessibility

With a flat roof, routine tasks like cleaning gutters, making repairs to HVAC units, and installing fixtures like satellite dishes and solar panels are much simpler. In cases where professional contractors or technicians must be called, this often reduces the cost of service and installation visits. Property owners interested in learning more about flat roofs and the materials used to construct them can contact Lastime Exteriors with any questions or request a quote today.

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