Signs that You Should Call in the Professional Commercial Roofer in Fort Wayne Indiana

The roof is any commercial building’s first line of defense against natural elements like extreme heat, snow, ice, hail, fire, rain and wind. The roof on your commercial property is also one of the most vulnerable parts of the building. The everyday exposure to the weather can contribute to significant deterioration and decay, increasing roof damage risk.

According to the International Building Code (IBC), the level of protection provided by the roof is determined by its design, materials selection, installation as well as maintenance. As part of prolonging your roof’s lifetime, it is crucial that you contract a professional Commercial Roofer in Fort Wayne Indiana to provide repair, maintenance and inspection services.

However, if you notice one of the signs below, it is best that you do not wait, and instead call in the professionals as soon as possible to avert expensive damage to your building and property.

Ponding on the Roof

When water stands for prolonged periods or forms pools on your roof, premature deterioration and aging is likely to occur, leading to leaks. When leaks are undetected, they slowly rust the steel roof decks, turn gypsum decks and insulating concrete into a paste or rot wood. In addition, the standing water creates an extra weight that eventually weakens your roof deck.


Bubbles are an indicator of the presence of trapped moisture in the roof cover and can lead to leaks, reduction of the cover’s life span, accelerate aging of your deck, as well as reduce the roof’s system effectiveness.

Roof Flashing

The roof flashing consists of metal strips that are installed around your roof’s perimeter edge and meets the wall. It is also installed around objects protruding from your roof to offer further protection by deflecting water from the joints and seams. However, if this flashing exposes a gap, it can result to roof cover failure in case of mold, water intrusion and high winds.

Maintaining your roof properly is crucial to ensure the security of your premise and business. A little maintenance by a professional commercial roofer in Fort Wayne Indiana will result in lots of savings especially compared to damage costs resulting from an undetected, small leak leading to catastrophic roof failure. Contact Fort Wayne Roofing and Sheet Metal Corporation for more information.

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