Signs Your Home May Be in Need of Flat Roof Replacement Service in Hialeah, FL

Many homes and businesses have flat roofs instead of sloped. While these generally require less maintenance, they do not last forever. A flat roof commonly comes with a ten to twenty-year warranty and can last up to twenty-five years if properly installed and maintained. It is important a homeowner is prepared to find the warning signs they will need to look for to determine whether or not they need a Flat Roof Replacement Service in Hialeah FL.

These warning signs should prompt a homeowner to hire a roofing contractor:

* After a rainstorm, all water should be ushered away. If water is pooling on the top of a roof, it behooves a homeowner to have it inspected. This issue is often caused by the pitch of the roof being compromised. Since it can lead to massive leaks in the home, it is important the roof is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

* Any holes in a roof mean there is a need for Flat Roof Replacement Service in Hialeah, FL. Holes that are not filled with pipes can allow water to enter a home and cause damage. This issue should not be ignored or it could lead to the need for expensive repairs.

* Cracks in the interior ceiling, wetness, or mold and mildew are all signs a flat roof is failing to protect the home. A roofing contractor can come out and replace the roof so it offers the full level of protection that is crucial for preventing further damage.

* When a flat roof is no longer slightly sloped or has become wavy and sunk-in at certain points, it needs to be replaced right away. These issues should never be ignored since they can lead to costly damage.
* A roof may need to be replaced when the seams around the pipe collars are becoming damaged through dry rot. This means water can escape past the sealant and cause internal damage.

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