Steps Followed By A Residential Roof Repair Service In Philadelphia

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Roofing


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For Pennsylvania homeowners, roof damage is a major risk to their entire property. Once the roofing is compromised, water and debris reach the attic, walls, and the basement. These events could lead to more complex damage and threaten the entire property. A Residential Roof Repair Service in Philadelphia gives homeowners hope and helps them remedy these conditions quickly.

Inspect the Roofing

The roofing professional walks the entire roof to find damage. They perform a thorough inspection of the roofing and marks all damaged areas. They create a report to determine how extensively the roofing materials are damaged. During the inspection, they determine if it is feasible to repair these areas or if the homeowner requires a new roofing installation.

Inspect the Attic, Walls, and Basement

The attic, walls, and basement are inspected to determine if water accumulation has reached these areas. The first threat level caused by a compromised roof is a water leak. When water leaks into these areas, it threatens the structure of the property.

This occurrence could also lead to mold development. Once mold sets in, it reproduces and spreads through spores. These spores travel via attachment to clothing and building materials. If they reach the ventilation system, they could travel throughout the entire property. This could generate excessive damage that could prove costly. If the roofing professional finds mold, the homeowner will need a remediation team to eliminate these developments once the roofing is repaired.

Provide an Estimate and Prepare an Insurance Claim

After the complete inspection, the roofing professional provides the homeowner with an estimate. In most instances, the estimate is itemized to allow the homeowner to evaluate these costs. The homeowner should present the estimate to their homeowner’s insurance provider. However, if it is an emergency, the roofing professional could file their claim for them.

Pennsylvania homeowners avoid excessive property damage by receiving roofing repairs quickly. These requirements are managed after their chosen roofer has identified all existing problems. This includes storm damage due to water accumulation or falling debris.

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