Superior Roofing Installation in Tucson, AZ Can Eliminate Leak Damage

by | Jan 5, 2019 | Roofing Contractors


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The roof is one aspect of any building that should never be neglected. Unfortunately, many homes and businesses suffer because their owners postpone most maintenance and inspections until a problem occurs. For instance, a small leak in a commercial, flat roof could result is damaged decking or worse, water leaking inside the building and destroying valuable equipment or merchandise. If the leak isn’t caught quickly, then the problem may develop to the point that a Roofing Installation in Tucson, AZ is required.

If the leaking building is a residence, then the property owner has several options. For example, a pitched roof can be covered with asphalt shingles, cedar shake, simulated shakes, fiber-cement tiles and various metals. The hardest part about selecting a material for roofing installation in Tucson, AZ is determining the one that provides the best warranty. This could be more difficult than it seems because even the asphalt options now offer limited, lifetime warranties on certain products.

For some homes, it’s all about appearance. Consider the Craftsman styled home. Many of the buildings must meet specific guidelines when repairs are done and this usually includes the roof. This typically means the use of asphalt products or ones that simulate them very closely. Luckily, there is an asphalt product known as laminated shingles that should handle this task quite well. This material comes with an extra layer of asphalt on the back of the shingle and this makes them a more durable roof covering.

If the primary goal is appearance, then the property owner may opt for steel roofing. There are several types of steel roofing ranging from ribbed, steel panels to stamped steel sheets that are created to resemble other roof coverings. Steel can even resemble products such as the Mediterranean styled clay tiles. One reason to consider steel is its long service life. Steel roofs last for at least five decades if properly installed. One interesting aspect of the use of steel is the capability of placing it over a composite roof such as asphalt shingles. This task requires the use of battens to secure the metal in place. Visit the experts at to learn more about roofing installation and repair.

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