The Benefits that Roofing Installation Provides to the Home

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Roofing


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Energy efficiency requires considering the flow of energy around the home. The more dramatic the temperature difference between the outside air and the inside air, the harder the heating and air conditioning units have to work. All of this extra work translates to higher utility bills. In order to help protect against drastic changes, insulation is needed. While most people are aware of the insulation needs in the wall, it is the roof that contributes the most energy loss. These are a few reasons to get the roof insulated.

During the summer, the roof gets the full effects of the sun. All of this heat accumulates in the attic. Without Roofing Insulation, the attic temperatures will soar. Once the attic air comes in contact with the cooler air in the home, the air will heat up. This will cause the air conditioning unit to work much harder to maintain the same temperature. Maintenance will be needed more often on the unit due to the extra work.

In the winter months, the colder air gets trapped in the attic. Since the heat naturally rises, the cold air in the attic will cause it to cool down. In order for the heater to get the temperature back to a comfortable level, it must produce more heat as a result. All of this extra heat production will create extra demands on the electrical system. This can also place a lot of wear and tear on the heating system.

The Roofing Insulation can also provide some protection against roof leakages. The insulation acts as another barrier between the roof and the inside of the home. Many types of spray foam insulation are also waterproof. While roof leaks should be addressed as quickly as possible, the insulation will help stop potential water damage if the roof is compromised. This will save money on repairs.

A layer of insulation is vital to maintaining the temperature in the home. In order to maximize the energy efficiency, dramatic changes in temperature must be avoided. While insulation is standard in the rest of the home, the roof insulation is generally insufficient.

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