The Best Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers you might find in a public restroom have a bit of a reputation for being slow and ineffective. In the worst cases, old-style hand dryers can take minutes to dry a user’s hands. However, new technologies used in modern hand dryers is starting to turn this reputation around. Some high-powered hand dryers can dry a user’s hands in a matter of seconds. Not only are the best hand dryers becoming more effective, they are becoming even more hygienic than older models with features like HEPA filters to clean the air being blown at the user’s hands of any bacteria. Another great new feature on newer models is automatic sensors that turn the dryer on without the user having to touch anything. If you are installing new hand dryers in your washroom, there are some new designs to choose from. Users will be pleased if you choose to install modern high-powered hand dryers in your restroom.

Vertical Hand Dryers

A popular innovation in technology is the vertical hand dryer. These models have a slot that the user inserts his or her hands into. Inside the slot the machine generates a powerful jet of air. The super-powerful air jet inside blasts the water off the user’s hands similar to a squeegee, rather than waiting for all the moisture to evaporate off of the user’s hands. Vertical dryers are capable of drying a user’s hands in around 10 seconds. Also, with their futuristic looks, vertical hand dryers might give users the feeling that they are washing their hands on a space ship!

Multiple Vent Dryers

Traditional electric hand dryers have a small nozzle where the warm air Is blown out from. Multiple vent dryers are similar to traditional hand dryers, except they have more power and their multiple vents direct the warm air over a much larger area than traditional dryers. Users can just place their hands into the much wider jet of air in order to dry them, rather than having to wave their hands back and forth through a narrow jet of air. Multiple jet dryers can potentially dry a user’s hand in around 12 seconds.

High-Powered Hand Dryers

Modern technology has made it possible to have extremely high-power fan motors inside hand dryers. High-powered dryers look basically like traditional hand dryers from the outside, but the blast of air coming out of the nozzle is extremely powerful. Some high-powered models are capable of drying a user’s hands in as little as 12 seconds.

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