The Importance of Gutter Guards in Louisville, KY as Part of a Full Rain Drainage System

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Roofing


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For shingled roofs and even some metal roofs, rain gutters, downspouts, and extensions are important for directing water away from the foundation, basement, and landscaping around a home. Many homeowners want gutter guards in Louisville KY to keep leaves and other debris from trees out of the troughs. This way, rain pours off the roof and into the gutters while the leaves, nuts, and seeds go over the side and fall harmlessly to the ground.

A Complete Gutter System

For most homes to be adequately protected during heavy rainfall, having a complete rain gutter system is crucial. The downspouts cannot simply end next to the building or water just cascades down around the foundation, where it can leak into the basement and even cause buckling of basement walls. Gutter guards in Louisville KY prevent clogs in downspouts that cause backups, leading to a similar problem with rainwater showering over the side of the troughs and onto the ground.

Diverting Rainwater

With the water diverted several feet from the home from two or more downspouts and extensions, it can gradually soak into the earth and not cause problems for the house. The gutter guards and the extensions allow rainwater to stream out onto the ground as intended instead of dropping heavily onto one spot. The water is manageable even during storms with the heaviest rainfall. The lawn may get soaked, but the area around the house will stay relatively dry.

Types of Covers

Numerous gutter cover systems are available, and representatives of installation companies can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Perforated aluminum barriers, wire mesh, and solid covers with openings below the metal are some popular examples. Sponge filters are an inexpensive option, but they tend to become brittle and moldy over time. They also can create a fertile environment for seeds to start growing.

Professional Installation

Professional installation of gutter guard products by a company such as Affordable Exteriors is important to ensure the devices work properly. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time on do-it-yourself installation only to discover the system isn’t working properly. To get started, homeowners may visit website domain at their earliest convenience.

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