The Three Primary Types of Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Roofing


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A commercial roof is an important part of any business establishment. A sound roofing system protects employees, customers and products in the commercial building from extreme weather conditions and other unwanted elements. Ensuring that a roof is in a good condition is essential to the success of any business. One of the best ways to get the most out of a commercial roof is to ensure the installations are done by a certified roofing contractor. Qualified commercial roofers have an in-depth knowledge of the different types of roofing systems. They can assist a business owner to choose the best roofing materials and ensure the installations are done correctly and within the set budget and time. Here are the three major types of Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are supplied as panels or shingles. They can be made from steel, copper and aluminum. There are three categories of metal roofs: metal shingles, structural metal panels and architectural metal panels. Structural metal panels can be used on both low slope and steep slope roofs. However, they are mostly used on low slope roofs due to their water barrier and hydrostatic features. Architectural metal panels are used for steep slope roofing applications. Metal roofs are lightweight, and resistant to harsh climatic conditions.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs are heavy, non-leaching and can last for decades. They have a distinctive, beautiful appearance. Since they are dark, they are not recommended for high-heat areas. Slate roofs come in a wide range of sizes and textures. Thus, they can be used to improve the overall value and aesthetic appeal of a commercial building.

EPDM Roofs

EPDM also called ethylene-propylene-dyne terpolymer roofs, are the most widely specified synthetic rubber roofing polymer. They have been used for over 20 years, and can provide ample protection against extreme climatic conditions. The outstanding performance of EPDM roofs can be attributed to the numerous unique features that provide both immediate and long-term benefits.

Other common types of Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS include built-up roofs, thermoplastic roofs and asphalt roofs. Remember to hire a certified commercial roofer to ensure the new commercial roof is installed correctly and promptly.

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