There are Many Reasons Why Roof Replacement in Pewaukee, WI, May Be Necessary

No homeowner wants to hear that roof replacement in Pewaukee, WI is needed on their home, but this is a common reality for many. Nearly all residential roofs will eventually have to be replaced, no matter what they are made of nor what environmental conditions they must withstand. There are many reasons why a roof may need to be replaced, with some happening more commonly than others.

Inclement Weather

Many cases of roof replacement stem from severe weather conditions that led to extensive roof damage. In the case of storms like hurricanes or tornadoes, roofing tiles may be ripped from the building or destroyed. Even strong winds during normal storms can lead to roof damage, especially if debris, hail or other projectiles strike the roof’s surface.

Missing Shingles

While it may seem like a few missing shingles would be an easy fix for a licensed roofer, the reality is not always so pleasant. When shingles on a roof are missing, extra strain is put on the remaining shingles and may cause the entire roof structure to fail. This is especially true in cases where moisture is allowed to seep into the roof through the open gaps or when missing shingles are not quickly replaced by Waukesha Roofing as soon as the damage occurs.

Roof Age

In most cases, roof replacement is needed due to a roof’s age. After a certain period of time, usually about twenty years, most roofs will simply reach the end of their useful lives and fail. This is especially true for lower quality options like asphalt shingles that may need to be replaced even sooner than other roofing materials.

Degrading Materials

If homeowners notice any signs that their roofing materials are breaking, falling apart, or are otherwise showing signs of failure as a whole, then it is likely time for roof replacement. Those with asphalt shingles may notice sediment or loose asphalt particles in their gutters, on the ground around their home, or visible on the roof when replacement is needed.

Roof replacement in Pewaukee, WI is an eventuality that most homeowners will have to endure. Most roofs won’t last longer than twenty years, so the need for replacement will occur in time. If a roof is subjected to especially bad weather or extreme conditions, the need for replacement might happen sooner.

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