Three Signs It’s Time for Chimney Repair in Canton, MI

Chimneys are made to last, but no structure can survive indefinitely without maintenance and repairs. Knowing when to call for Chimney repair in Canton, MI can significantly increase the lifespan of any chimney in addition to avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even know what to look for, let alone take the time to perform adequate inspections on a regular basis. Don’t wait until bricks are falling off into the yard and the entire structure needs to be replaced. Instead, try to keep an eye out for the following warning signs.

Mortar Damage

For homeowners who aren’t skilled at masonry, mortar is the material between the bricks that holds them together. When it begins to show signs of wear such as cracks or holes, it should be considered cause for immediate concern. If left unaddressed, water can seep into the cracks and cause further damage. Luckily, damaged mortar can be replaced fairly simply via a process known as tuckpointing. If the joint damage is caught in time, this process can significantly extend the life of the chimney.

Strange Smells

The best time to perform a visual inspection of a chimney is prior to lighting the first fire of the season. Homeowners who haven’t taken this precaution can still keep an eye or, in this case, a nose, out for signs of trouble, though. Odd smells or smoke actively filtering into the home are both signs the liner is damaged. Don’t brush off these telltale warning signs. If smoke is filtering into the home, it’s likely bringing plenty of toxic fumes along with it. The possibility of inhabitants becoming seriously ill, or even dying, is not negligible. The best thing to do is to extinguish the fire immediately and call for Chimney repair in Canton, MI right away.

Wallpaper Damage

Another sign of damage that often appears indoors is water damage to the walls surrounding the chimney. The most obvious culprit is damage to the chimney crown, but there could well be one or more leaks in the chimney itself as well. The only possible outcome of failing to take action is further damage to the chimney and the surrounding walls. Visit us website as soon as possible to get in touch with roofing contractors who can help.

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