Tips for Checking for Damage on Shingle Roofs in Brookfield WI

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Roofing


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While shingled roofs can last up to thirty years, damage can begin to occur over time. It is important homeowners perform a roof inspection a couple of times a year so they can find any minor damage before major problems begin to arise. It is important homeowners know what types of damage to look for on their Shingle roofs in Brookfield, WI. With prompt repairs, homeowners can avoid serious damage to their home that would require greater expense to fix.

These areas of damage should be checked on a shingled roof:

*      Curling shingles

*      Missing shingles

*      Damaged shingles

*      Worn shingles

*      Dips in the roof

*      Cupping

*      Blistering

*      Moss and algae

*      Staining

If any of these issues are found, a homeowner needs to call in the professionals for repair. Shingles cannot protect a home when they are damaged. Should a homeowner begin seeing large amounts of shingle granules in their gutters and downspouts, this can be a sign their shingles are wearing down and need to be taken care of. When dips begin to develop, this means the supportive structures of the roof have been compromised and a roof replacement will be needed.

When a homeowner is having problems with their Shingle roofs in Brookfield, WI, they need to make sure they call a professional contractor to come out and inspect the damage to determine what repairs need to be done. A contractor can help an owner to determine if their roof can be repaired or will need to be replaced. Some repairs can help prolong the life of a roof to help a homeowner avoid the immediate expense of replacement.

If a homeowner is proactive and works to ensure their shingles are not damaged, they can extend the life of their roof and save money on repairs. It is always best to get the advice of a professional before one begins trying a DIY approach.

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